About the Health Coach Program

Health Coach Program Benefits

Professional Development Activities and Support For Health Coaches

Professional Development Workshops


Networking Opportunities

1:1 Professional Development and Wellness Coaching 

Hands-on Patient Care Experience & Training 

Motivational Interviewing and Goal Setting for Patient Care 


Electronic Health Record System Documentation
Whole Person Health Score Assessment 

Health Coach Responsibilities

Health coaches have the following duties:

  •  Work closely with a patient's care team by acting as a liaison between care team and the patient.
  •  Provide supportive health education to patients using pre-approved clinic material and messaging.
  •  Assist patients in creating and setting goals through motivational interviewing.
  •  Identify barriers that are impeding patient’s ability to form or complete goals.
  •  Set up weekly follow-ups with patients.
  •  Be available by phone or in-office visits throughout shifts.
  •  Refer patients to health education classes offered at their clinic.
  •  Assist patients with basic resource and service allocations.
  •  Refer patients back to dietitians, nurses or primary care providers when patient has any medical concerns.
  •  Stay up to date with updates and changes in electronic health record protocols and documentation.
  •  Data entry: clinical measurements, summary of patient visits and goals discussed.
  •  Attend mandatory meetings and trainings.
  •  Communicate schedule changes to Clinic Leads and Clinic Managers in a timely manner.

While this is a volunteer position, the program requires a high degree of professionalism. You will be held to the same expectations as a paid employee.